Celebrate National Gardening Day with 7 Gardeners

Celebrate National Gardening Day with 7 Gardeners

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Celebrate National Gardening Day on April 14 by exploring the pleasures and advantages of gardening. This year, in honor of the occasion, Garden Media Group reached out to seven beloved gardeners and florists to share their top picks for plants or products that enhance the gardening experience.

Carrie Spoonemore, co-creator of Park Seed's From Seed to Spoon app, says “I have so many favorites but Bright Lights Swiss Chard is at the top of my list. It is extremely beautiful, nutritious, and gets the kids excited about eating greens. We use the leaves as a fun-colored tortilla replacement. I also love Park’s Picks Zinnia flowers because they are beautiful, bring in LOADS of pollinators, and are easy to grow. And I always start seeds indoors with my Bio Dome. I have haD more success in germination that any other method.”
Ann Scanlon, gardener at Old Castle Cottage picked one for each season. “I love the whimsical purple blooms of my Globemaster alliums that tower over the garden in spring. In late spring, my roses start and by far my favorite is Sweet Rose of Mine. Its light pink buds open to a darker pink with almost white edges. She goes perfectly with my cottage color palette. Come summer, my hands down favorite is Millenium alliums. They are a pollinator’s dream, last through fall, and look beautiful next to Sweet Rose of Mine.”
Ace Berry, florist and winner of HBO ‘s In Full Bloom, absolutely loves the Oasis Forage Bags for gathering foraged stems. “They are the perfect size for foraging for an arrangement, and the light lining on the inside makes for an easy cleanup. My favorite feature is the pockets in the front, they make it easy for me to retrieve my tools – you never know when that focal flower will catch my eye!”
Linda Vater, plant expert for Southern Living® Plant Collection says, “One question that I get a lot is ‘what plant can I use in an area that gets brutally hot and lots of direct sun.’ The plant that I rely on for that is ‘Sunshine’ Ligustrum. The foliage remains a brilliant golden hue even in the most unforgiving exposure.”
David Mizejewski, Naturalist, National Wildlife Federation thinks National Gardening Day is the perfect opportunity to garden for wildlife! His book Attracting Birds, Butterflies, and Other Backyard Wildlife, will show you everything you need to know to create a beautiful garden space that reconnects to the local ecosystem with native plants. And, he says, “Each book sale supports the conservation programs of the National Wildlife Federation.”
Designer and writer, Rochelle Greayer of Pith + Vigor, has fallen for lilies. Her favorites are the species lilies, giant orientpet and Martagon. “I like plants that surprise me, and these lilies always have a way of emerging from beneath the other plants in the garden - often, seemingly out of nowhere! They tend to shoot up fast, and then suddenly, we have a chandelier of flowers or these huge trumpets at eye level (and I'm tall!). I like to plant them in clusters - like 10 or 15 or more bulbs really close together and I particularly like them adjacent to or around evergreen trees and large grasses.  These plants make sure there is a great backdrop for the pretty blooms.”
Costa Farms horticulturist Justin Hancock is a big fan of the Philodendron Tortum for creating an indoor jungle. "This plant is a total game-changer," he says. "It brings the lushness of the tropics indoors without all the maintenance you'd expect from ferns. It's like having a piece of paradise in your home or office, but easier to care for. Speaking of, since it thrives in light and shade and prefers to be drier, there is no need to worry about constant watering and finicky placement."


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