New Plants and Products for Spring 2024

New Plants and Products for Spring 2024

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Gardening Made Easier and More Efficient for Beginners and Pros Alike

Garden Media Group has unveiled its 2024 Garden Superstars for Spring, showcasing another year of groundbreaking new products.

"I am certain that this year, our customers will become even more involved in gardening," said Katie Dubow, president of Garden Media. "The launch of these innovative and imaginative products is sure to ignite great excitement and simplify their lives."

Here is Garden Media's list of Garden Superstars for Spring 2024.

Knock Out® Roses: Meet the newest additions to The Knock Out® Family of Roses! Easy Bee-zy™ Knock Out® continuously produces bright, yellow blooms with long-lasting color. It offers a light citrus fragrance and a single-petal display that is alluring to pollinators. Performs best in Zones 4 - 11. 

Orange Glow™ Knock Out® boasts double orange blooms touched with coral, pink, and yellow shades throughout the cuplike petals. Its incredible rust resistance makes it a top performer in every climate and a standout on the West Coast. Performs best in Zones 5 - 11. Plant individually, in a group, or with other perennials, shrubs, or roses. For more information, visit

For the Love Birds: This spring, invite feathered friends to the yard with Centurion's new 3-in-1 bird feeder. Easy to mount and durable, this iron feeder has separate feeding tubes that accommodate three different types of bird seed. Use the clear tube for average seed, the smaller mesh section for thistle to attract finches, and the larger mesh section for peanuts or suet to attract woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees, and more. Refilling is easy, while four feeding ports welcome multiple birds at once. An oversized lip base helps with clean up and avoid spill over. For more information, visit

Bring the Outdoors In: Gardeners are surrounded by an abundance of fantastic outdoor forage plant material, so why not snip a few stems to bring in and enjoy? The new OASIS® Forage Create kit makes it easy. This all-inclusive kit has everything needed to elevate your foraging experience from snips to an eco-pot. Add a new botanical forage messenger bag to carry your tools and materials on the go. For more information, visit

A Cherry Tomato Worthy of the Whopper Name: A new addition to the beloved Park Seed Whopper collection, Park's Junior Whopper Red is a hybrid pink cherry tomato with a beefsteak taste. The plant sets 1/2 ounce round deep-red fruits with crack-resistant skins. This pint-sized nutrient-rich superfood is perfect for snacking and is a good source of vitamins C, A, and potassium. A warm-season vegetable best grown in full sun, Park's Junior Whopper Red is disease-resistant and produces loads of fruit. For more information, visit

Award-Winning Showstopping Blooms: The Superbissima Wine Red Petunia showcases dazzling, rose-colored blossoms with pronounced veins, ruffled petals, and frilly edges. This prolific flowering plant boasts substantial, 6-inch blooms that generously cover its foliage. Ideal for planting in garden beds, borders, containers, and window boxes, it provides a continuous display all season long. Additionally, it attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. For more information, visit

Colorful Harmony in Bloom: Like peanut butter and jelly, some plants are just a perfect match. Take the new Big Ben climbing rose and Monarda Balmy™ Lilac Bee Balm. Both love full sun, are fragrant, and have harmonizing colors that create a vibrant display. Exclusive to the U.S. only at Jackson & Perkins, Big Ben features clusters of 4” double flowers, loaded with up to 25 petals in shades of white, cream, and yellow. Known for its sweet scent, it will put on a show from late spring to late fall. Plant the Monarda Balmy™ Lilac Bee Balm in front of the rose. This striking perennial blooms late spring through summer and is beloved by bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies, making it a great companion to attract these beneficial pollinators to your roses. For more information, visit

Sweet Nectar for Pollinators: Butterfly Candy Li'l Lavender™ is guaranteed to bring a pop of color, a burst of fragrance, and fluttering friends to your garden. Dense clusters of delicate lavender blooms create an irresistible feast for butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds from spring to fall. With the National Garden Bureau declaring 2024 as the Year of the Buddleia, this compact variety is the perfect addition to borders, containers, or even a low hedge, adding a touch of on-trend charm wherever it goes. Ideal for Zones 5 – 10. Size at maturity is 2-3’ tall and wide. For more information, visit

An Azalea Like No Other: Autumn Moonstruck™ Encore Azalea will steal the spotlight in the landscape with stable variegated foliage adorned with hints of gold, an unusual shade for azaleas. This showstopping evergreen erupts in a wave of pure white, semi-double blooms in spring. Summer ushers in another round of luminous blossoms, followed by a grand finale in autumn, when Autumn Moonstruck™ paints the landscape with a profusion of white. Ideal for Zones 7a – 10b. Size at maturity is 5’ tall by 4’ wide. For more information, visit

Vibrant Oasis of Color: The Nice & Easy™ Yucca transforms the traditional yucca with its lively, creamy white-edged leaves, gracefully accented with hints of pink in cooler climates. This low-maintenance, cold-hardy yucca is a compact delight, making it the perfect choice for smaller spaces and container plantings. Add a touch of Southwestern flair to gardens in Zones 8 – 11. Size at maturity is 4 – 6’ tall by 3 – 5’ wide. For more information, visit

Harvest Gold Organics: Your garden’s secret to resilient, low-maintenance plants. Naturally derived to enhance soil conditions, Harvest Gold Organics supports overall plant health for house plants, flowers, lawns, gardens, and trees while allowing you to cut back on water and fertilizer by 30%! Try it today and watch your garden thrive with ease! For more information, visit

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