Jackson & Perkins®' Enchanting 'Library of Roses' Blends Timeless Classics with Blooming Brilliance

Jackson & Perkins®' Enchanting 'Library of Roses' Blends Timeless Classics with Blooming Brilliance

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

A new rose collection blending historic elegance and modern innovation

Jackson & Perkins®, a distinguished leader in premium roses and plants, reaffirms its commitment to horticultural excellence by unveiling its innovative Rose ‘Library.’ Committed to preserving the beauty and heritage of classic roses, The Jackson & Perkins Library showcases a handpicked selection encompassing exclusive varieties, revered heritage roses, beloved customer favorites, and unique specimens from across the globe. Jackson & Perkins takes great pride in their ongoing collaborations with renowned rose experts from around the globe. Their efforts have led to the introduction of extraordinary varieties, notably the Pope John Paul II hybrid tea rose. This rose has been a beloved choice among gardeners since it first blossomed onto the scene in 2008.

"Our mission is to nurture and develop the most magnificent roses, season after season, drawing inspiration from our 152 years’ of excellence," said Kelly Funk, President of Jackson & Perkins. "Every rose we select for our Library represents a fusion of exceptional heritage and innovative breeding designed to surprise and delight customers.”

Roses in the Library are chosen for their top-tier genetics, which results in better performance in the garden, superior disease resistance, unmatched blooms, and fabulous fragrance.

Jackson & Perkins Exclusive Introduction Collection

The Jackson & Perkins Exclusive Introduction Collection continues to celebrate our long-time collaboration between Jackson & Perkins and the world's foremost rose breeders. These roses, originally introduced by Jackson & Perkins, are the culmination of expert breeding and cultivation, representing the pinnacle of cultivars. This partnership has blossomed into creating extraordinary new varieties, such as the highly versatile English Coral grandiflora rose. These exceptional roses bloom from late spring to late fall, have robust disease resistance, and offer a vibrant palette of colors.

Jackson & Perkins Vault Collection

From the Jackson & Perkins Vault comes a limited-edition collection of legacy roses that have enchanted gardeners for decades. This collection revives the timeless allure of rose gardening, offering the beauty and nostalgia of heirloom varieties without the complexities often associated with them. Highlighting this exclusive selection is Golden Zest, a celebrated shrub rose expertly bred by Jackson & Perkins and first introduced in 2005. Jackson & Perkins will open the vault yearly to bring back stunning roses that have delighted rose growers for generations. Seize the opportunity to enrich your garden with these limited quantity treasures before they are locked back in the vault.

Roses Around the World

Embark on a global journey with the rare varieties in the Roses Around the World collection. These roses are bred for resilience, health, and unparalleled beauty. Some are being offered for the first time in the U.S., such as Mysterious, a compact rose discovered by Nola M. Simpson in New Zealand. This world-class collection will elevate gardens with the finest blooms, available in limited quantity for a truly exclusive experience.

Jackson & Perkins has a legacy of trailblazing the rose category since 1872. The launch of the Library of Roses to American gardeners is a testament to their ongoing leadership in this field. Several pioneering achievements mark the company's history, cementing their innovative status in the horticultural world. They were the first to name a rose after a person with the introduction of the Dorothy Perkins rose, they originated the term "floribunda", they have collaborated with notable pop culture icons such as Disney and Barbie, and they are recognized for starting the first mail-order nursery business in the United States.

“The Library collections are a result of years of searching for the most exquisite varieties,” said Funk. “We are dedicated to providing a curated selection of top-quality roses and stunning companion plants to a new generation of gardeners.”

The Jackson & Perkins® new Rose Library combines old-world charm with modern-day convenience. It is perfect for gardeners looking to add elegance to their gardens while enjoying the benefits of modern disease resistance and bloom power. Available now at JacksonAndPerkins.com

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