Christmas in July with GMG

Christmas in July with GMG

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

The experts at Garden Media Group have collected new and exciting gift ideas for everyone from the master gardener to the new plant parent in your life. Discover their ultimate gift guide for green thumbs, featuring a curated selection of blooming plants, gardening tools, and holiday décor to inspire and delight any plant lover.

Stand Out Among the Foliage
Autumn Amethyst® Encore Azalea has dramatic purple foliage that stuns during the holidays and amethyst blooms for three seasons. Encore Azaleas thrive in sunny to part-shade areas planted in slightly acidic, well-drained soil. Ideal for Zones 6 – 10. Size at maturity is four feet tall and wide. (Available at

Gift the Holly Jolly Landscape Shrub
Distinctive oak-shaped leaves and golden variegated foliage set Golden Oakland® Holly apart. Bright red berries pop with holiday cheer, and this versatile evergreen needs little pruning, making this easy-care shrub a dream for the landscape. Hollies prefer well-drained soil and full sun to part shade. Ideal for Zones 6 – 9. Size at maturity is 15-20 feet tall by 12 – 15 feet wide. (Available at

Feathery Decorative Foliage
The Norfolk Island Pine is a versatile and easy-care houseplant from Costa Farms, making it perfect for holiday gifting and enjoyable all year long! It’s a wonderful addition to any indoor plant collection with its symmetrical, tiered branches and feathery green foliage. Known for its resilience and adaptability, the Norfolk Island Pine thrives in a wide range of light conditions and requires minimal care. Whether placed on a tabletop during the holidays or as a floor plant after, it brings a refreshing and calming presence to any room. (Available at

Share the Joy of Homegrown Nutrition
Microgreens have gained tremendous popularity due to their many health benefits. These petite but powerful veggies contain high levels of vitamins and minerals. Growing microgreens is easy. Park Seed's Large Microgreens Collection includes premium seeds such as Swiss Chard, Beet, Cabbage, Mustard Mizuna, Herb Pepper Cress and more. The collection also includes the Perma-Nest Tray with Humidity Dome and Espoma seed starting mix. Elevate your meals with these nutrient-dense wonders and embark on a journey of health and flavor. (Available at for $44.95)

Perfect for Small Spaces
The new folding watering can and collapsible bucket are created by Centurion with storage and mobility in mind. The heavy-duty non-porous silicone offers superior strength while the foldable and detachable parts make them easy to use anywhere. Whether working with a small container garden or a large backyard operation, these work with every project and space. (Available on Amazon)

Plant with Purpose
Native plants are the gift that continues to give for seasons to come. Garden for Wildlife’s Native Plant Collections take the guesswork out of choosing the right plants for your region, or the region that you are gifting to. The selections do the greatest good for wildlife in the area they’re planted, doubling the wildlife in just one season. Plus, the chemical-free plant collections are shipped to your door with all the tips you need to grow. Now available in 38 states across the US, you can give the gift of planting with purpose. (Available at

Gift the Grace of Amaryllis
Known for their striking and vibrant blooms, amaryllis are easy to grow, making them suitable for both experienced and beginner plant lovers. Jackson & Perkins' Sweet Memories Cayenne Amaryllis pairs colossal deep velvety red blooms with a simple burlap-wrapped container and decorative cardinal ornament, imbuing family get-togethers with a little holiday magic. With their enduring blossoms, amaryllis plants ensure that your thoughtful gesture will be enjoyed and appreciated well beyond the holiday festivities. (Available soon at starting at $54.95)

Put the Power in Planting
Make planting a breeze with this new Laura (from Garden Answer) 3” x 36” Auger.  The 3” auger is perfect for planting annuals and large bulbs. This is Laura’s most used auger in the garden and this special edition is slighter lighter than the normal 3” version, while still being just as durable.  Hand-welded and proudly made in the USA, Power Planter augers are guaranteed to last! (Available on for $72.50)

Made to Last Tools
This 3-piece lawn and garden set from Centurion delivers everything in one package to get any yard in tip-top shape. The ergonomic steel lopper, heavy hardened carbon steel hedge shears, and a comfortable molded grip pruner make trimming and cutting tree branches, bushes, and plants a breeze. Plus, bright yellow handles make them easy to find in the garden. (Available at Amazon for $33.99)

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