Little Rose, Big Impact: The Many Uses of Petite Knock Out® in the Landscape

Little Rose, Big Impact: The Many Uses of Petite Knock Out® in the Landscape

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Roses have a long and colorful history of romantic and celebratory uses. Now you can bring these memories and meanings to your garden with The Knock Out® Family of Roses. This collection of everyday, easy-to-grow landscape shrub roses produces basketsful of blooms from spring through first frost in a stunning array of colors. The family’s newest member, Petite Knock Out®, will undoubtedly be another star in the garden!  

Petite Knock Out® is a versatile and low-maintenance addition to any landscape. This disease-resistant shrub produces an abundance of small, bright red blooms from spring through first frost and fits perfectly into any garden style!

The Low-Maintenance Stunner
Traditionally, roses are considered fussy, but not Petite Knock Out®! This rose is disease resistant and requires little to no maintenance each year. It steps in at just 18 inches tall, and with a rounded compact frame, it is full of dark green, glossy leaves. You’ll fall in love with the plethora of petite bright red blooms. At 1.5 inches in diameter, Petite’s flowers are the smallest in the group.

How to Use Petite Knock Out® in any Landscape Style
No one can deny that roses are a classic garden plant. However, it is a shame that many modern gardeners deem it an antiquity unsuitable for their landscape’s contemporary aesthetic. Petite Knock Out® is here to prove them wrong; it is versatile and can be seamlessly placed in many different garden styles!

Cottage-Style Garden. This garden style is all about textures, layering annuals, and perennials for an effortless, whimsical landscape. In a cottage-style garden, place Petite Knock Out® roses alongside companion plants for a dynamic grouping. Some examples of companions to roses include annuals such as marigolds and scented geraniums or other perennials such as catmint and lavender.

Modern Garden. This garden style is all about geometric impact and continuity. In a contemporary garden, plant a large grouping of Petite Knock Out® along the front edge of the garden bed for a prominent color and texture impact. The objective is to create the visual illusion of one mass out of many Petites, not seeing where one ends and the other begins.

Naturalistic Garden. This garden style is about creating a living system in the landscape. In a naturalistic garden, plant Petite Knock Out® in a garden bed like any other member of The Knock Out® Family of Roses. Due to the short stature of Petite Knock Out®, placement toward the front of the bed is recommended. Do not worry about planting in even or odd numbers, a naturalistic method is to plant close together in order. Petite Knock Out® roses are a great addition to a naturalistic garden as they attract pollinators and improve soil health.

Formal Garden. This garden style is all about structure and symmetry in every design. In a formal garden, plant Petite Knock Out® symmetrically along a walkway or in pots surrounding landscape zones. They are ideal as they remain small, compact, and effortlessly versatile between landscape and container plantings.  

Get your Petite Knock Out® plantings off to the best start possible with these six tips:
1.    Find a sunny spot with at least six hours of full sun.
2.    Dig a hole slightly larger than the Petite pot. Fluff the soil in the hole to create a softer planting area.
3.    Remove Petite from its container and gently work your fingers into its roots to loosen them.
4.    Plant your rose and ensure the top of its root ball is flush with the ground.
5.    Add soil back into the hole and around the root ball, breaking up any clumps.
6.    Water Petite thoroughly around its base, making sure the water soaks in. Check the soil every day or two for the first few weeks to make sure the soil isn’t dry, and water as necessary.

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