Father’s Day Gifts for the Nature-Loving Dad

Father’s Day Gifts for the Nature-Loving Dad

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

This Father’s Day, why not focus on getting your dad, husband, father-in-law, or that special guy in your life something green and good for him that will keep on giving for years to come!

We’ve compiled this helpful gift guide that’ll take the guesswork out of which plants to choose, planting them with ease, and keeping them safe and happy, and other green gift ideas.

Celebrate Him with These Six Garden Gift Ideas:

1.    Plant with Purpose. The garden for wildlife movement revolutionizes the way people garden to benefit wildlife and their communities. The new Garden for Wildlife™ Native Plant Collections are curated combinations that include perennial keystone plants to support pollinators in specific ecoregions. This initiative takes the guesswork out of what to plant for wildlife, making it easy and seamless for Dad to impact wildlife and the planet. For more information, visit gardenforwildlife.org.

  • $68-$118
  • Affiliates available

2.    Put the Power in Planting. Make his life easier with Power Planter’s Auger Starter Pack. This kit includes two garden auger drill bits that turn his favorite electric or cordless drill into a powered soil digger: plant bulbs, seeds, plugs, and annuals with ease. Hand-welded and proudly made in the U.S.A., Power Planter products are guaranteed to last! Learn more here: powerplanter.com.

  • $43.50
  • Affiliates available

3.    Weeding Robot. Dads love tools that make their jobs easier and enjoy showing off new toys. And while some people love weeding, there are always other things for a dad to do. Created by the same inventor as the Roomba, the Tertill weeding robot organically controls weeds, eliminating the need for herbicides and weed block. How does it work? Its wheels churn up the top layer of soil, looking for baby weeds and chopping them down before they have a chance to grow. Solar-powered and weatherproof, this handy device is as effective as hand weeding – but so much easier.

  • $299
  • Affiliates available

4.    Super-Dad Tools. Upgrade Dad’s tools with Centurion Brands’s heavy-duty three-piece Lopper, Hedge Shear & Pruner Combo Set for all his outdoor garden and landscaping jobs. This ergonomic set is ideal for trimming those hard-to-reach tree branches, shrubs, and roses. Each tool features non-slip grip handles to help reduce strain on wrists and arms. Give him the perfect tools for any job! For info on these and other tools, visit CenturionBrands.com.

  • $38.89
  • Amazon

5.    Plant Your Own “Mini Masters.” Augusta’s famous blooming azaleas transform its golf course into an unforgettable setting each year – this Father’s Day, bring that blooming beauty to his yard! Encore Azaleas bloom each spring… summer, AND fall, offering three seasons of colorful flowers. Try Autumn Fire for a blaze of scarlet red blooms, or the new Autumn Starburst, whose bi-color blooms feature a coral star against crisp white petals. Available in select home and garden centers and online at PlantsByMail.com.

  • $21.99-46.98
  • Affiliates available

6.    For the Chef. We all know fresh herbs and vegetables make all the difference, and you can't get any fresher than homegrown. Seed collections are a great gift for dads who love to grow their own to make their cuisine extra special. The Park Seed Organic Herb Seed Collection contains a complete kitchen herb garden in one easy-to-grow collection for fresh-from-the-garden herbs. Or, for tasty fajitas, give the Fajita Vegetable Seed Collection a try. If you've never tasted fajitas made with fresh ingredients straight from the garden, you've never really experienced fajitas at all. For more information, visit ParkSeed.com.

  • $19.95
  • Affiliates available

So, whether your Father’s Day gift recipient is a Super-Dad or Super-Chef kind of guy (or maybe both), get him a gift that will make others green with envy.

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