Boost Your Mood the Natural Way with the Easiest Form of Self-Care – Flowers!

Boost Your Mood the Natural Way with the Easiest Form of Self-Care – Flowers!

Monday, May 23, 2022

Fill your world with long-lasting lilies

The Garden Media Group announces that recent studies prove flowers have the natural ability to help people feel more joyful. A bouquet of flowers can strengthen feelings of compassion, foster creativity, provide an energy boost, and reduce stress to create feelings of happiness. Even having a small bouquet nearby has positive effects on mental and emotional health.

Health care experts advise incorporating lifestyle changes to relieve the recent increase in anxiety and mental distress. U.S. lily growers, and their European bulb suppliers, want to help boost your mood the natural way.

Self-care Is as Easy as Buying Flowers

Science has confirmed what we have long known, that flowers have the power to improve many aspects of day-to-day life.

“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food, and medicine for the soul,” said Luther Burbank, famed American botanist and horticulturist.

Lilies are an excellent choice of flower to bring home. They have been cherished worldwide for at least 3000 years, are elegant, and long-lasting in a vase. Asiatic lilies have a very mild fragrance, while Oriental lilies have a heavenly scent. Lilies symbolize devotion or purity, but each color also has a special meaning. (Read below for more)

“Simply bringing home a bunch of lilies from the farmers market, grocery store, or florist adds an instant cheerful vibe to any home. They make all who enter feel special and welcome,” said horticulturist Peggy Anne Montgomery. “Flower arranging itself is a relaxing practice akin to meditation.”

Lilies practically arrange themselves, but for inspiration and pro-tips, Netflix’s Sarah Campbell of Intrigue Designs is hosting a free mini-series of lily design classes to make you feel super confident. Find the five part series at Flower Bulbs From Europe Make You Bloom! For more inspiration visit us on Facebook at or on Instagram @FlowerBulbsdotcom. Follow for weekly lily giveaways and to see how top floral designers across the country are elevating lily design and their self-care routines.

Tip for the Longest Lasting Lilies

Campbell and Montgomery from The Garden Media Group, offer a few tips for ensuring your lilies last as long as possible.

  • Buy lilies while most of the flowers are still in bud
  • Remove all lower leaves that will be underwater
  • Mix the packet of flower food, if provided, with cold water in a clean vase
  • Give the end of the lily stems a fresh diagonal cut
  • Regularly top the water in the vase with clean cold water
  • Remove the stamens with a tissue if you are concerned about pollen

Deeper Meanings

  • White Lilies- innocence, modesty, and grace
  • Yellow Lilies- happiness, gratitude, and healing  
  • Light Pink Lilies- elegance, femininity, and generosity
  • Dark Pink Lilies- prosperity, abundance, and ambition
  • Red Lilies- passion, desire, and romance
  • Orange Lilies- confidence, encouragement, and wealth

Studies from Texas A&M, Rutgers, and Harvard affirm that flowers have the power to improve many aspects of day-to-day life.

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