The Many Uses of Petite Knock Out® in the Garden

The Many Uses of Petite Knock Out® in the Garden

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Gone are the days of roses being that precious plant in the home landscape reserved for only the deft-of-hand rosarian. The Knock Out® Family of Roses changed all that with a line of everyday, easy-to-grow shrub roses that produce basketsful of blooms from spring through first frost. The family offers disease resistance, low maintenance, and a stunning array of colors. Roses for the people—finally!

Petite Knock Out®: The Family’s New Addition
The newest member of the family is Petite Knock Out®, and just like “the baby of the family,” it’s the smallest of the bunch. Petite steps in at just 18 in. tall, compared to the mama of the family, Knock Out®, that grows to 4 ft. Petite’s frame is compact, creating a small package of dark green, glossy leaves. You’ll find it covered throughout the season with tons of fire engine-red blooms that are petite themselves. At just 1.5 in. in diameter, Petite’s flowers are the smallest in the group.

Ways to Use Petite Knock Out®
For any element you bring into a garden—whether it’s a plant, container, or fountain—having a plan for it within the landscape helps it become the best version of itself. So too with Petite! Luckily, Petite is versatile and can be used in so many different ways in the garden.

Containers. Gardeners love the decorative flair that containers offer, but they’re also looking for container plants that can be left to themselves without much care. Petite answers the call with aplomb. Whether sitting singly on the front porch or grouped together on the back patio, containerized Petites add a much-needed color punch to a home landscape. Or, consider adding a large container of Petites in the middle of a planting bed. Set the container down and be hands-off for the season except for a little watering. Follow our Container Planting Steps to ensure a great start.

In the landscape. Plant Petites into a garden bed as you would any other member of The Knock Out® Family of Roses. Plant several groupings of three near the front for a repeat of color and texture for a long bed. Use Petites to line a walkway, as a low addition to a foundation planting, or to cut down on your amount of water-wasteful lawn.

As a standard. Just because Petite is petite doesn’t mean that this rose can’t look stately. Try creating an upright-growing standard with Petite. A standard form of Petite is an excellent blooming addition to porches and patios. And talk about a conversation starter!

Cut flowers. Who doesn’t love to have fresh flowers in the house daily? With Petite’s prolific production, a fresh bouquet of roses—the queen of flowers—can be on your table on a weekly basis.

Planting Tips

  • Get your Petite Knock Out® plantings off to the best start possible with these six tips:
  • Find a sunny spot with at least six hours of full sun.
  • Dig a hole slightly larger than the Petite pot. Fluff the soil in the hole to create a softer planting area.
  • Remove Petite from its container and gently work your fingers into its roots to loosen.
  • Plant your rose and ensure the top of its root ball is flush with the ground.
  • Add soil back into the hole and around the root ball, breaking up any clumps.
  • Water Petite thoroughly around its base, making sure the water soaks in. Check the soil every day or two for the first few weeks to make sure the soil isn’t dry and water as necessary.

Whether purchasing as a gift for Mom, a get well for a friend, or a treat for your own garden or patio, Petite will give you flowers all season long, no deft hand required.

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