Great Grow Along Celebrates Second Year Teaching Gardening Online

Great Grow Along Celebrates Second Year Teaching Gardening Online

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

After a successful inaugural event, Great Grow Along will hold its 2nd virtual festival March 11-20, 2022

“I have seen the future of spring garden festivals, and its name is Great Grow Along,” said Elizabeth Licata, Garden Rant.

Following the success of its inaugural year, Great Grow Along returns with 10 days of education, tips, and tricks for the millions of gardeners who recently took up the hobby. The virtual event will take place March 11-20, 2022 and will be streamed live for free at and in partnership with Gardening Know-How.

New plant parents will get the chance to connect with their favorite influencers and enjoy dynamic sessions with hands-on demonstrations and in-garden footage, as well as be able to interact with speakers live via chat.

Each of the 10 days will be themed to guide and inform content and speakers. With 35+ sessions – ranging from sustainability to DIY landscaping – first-time, and seasoned gardeners get practical advice and creative inspiration from ‘plantfluencers,’ garden experts, and industry leaders, for FREE. Can't join March 11-20? Get festival content, and more, year-round for a $29.99 subscription.

  • Small Space Saturday: BIG ideas for tiny spaces, from balconies to beds!
  • Sustainability Sunday: Garden for a brighter future.
  • Make-It Monday: DIY projects you can take on with ease.
  • Transformation Tuesday: All about landscaping, from dreaming to doing.
  • Wildlife Wednesday: Welcome birds, bees, bats, and more!
  • Tiny Thursday: Gardening with kids!
  • Flower Friday: From orchids to bold blooms and cut flowers.

Viewers will learn from top influencers, including author and foodscaping expert Brie the Plant Lady, Michael Perry aka Mr. Plant Geek, Kevin Espiritu of Epic Gardening, David Mizejewski of the National Wildlife Federation, and many more. There will also be exciting new features such as “Morning Stretching” and “Houseplant Happy Hours,” with fun giveaways, unique content, and ways to engage with fellow plant lovers.

One of the festival’s creators, LaManda Joy, believes the world would be better with more gardeners in it. Joy has dedicated her life to teaching people how to grow food and community at the Peterson Garden Project, a non-profit she founded in 2010, and City Grange, the nation's first education-based garden center.

“My fellow creators and I are excited to continue for a second year,” says Joy. “This gives us the opportunity to share even more experience and advice. Focusing on education is key to empowering new gardeners and showing them how successful they can be.”

Great Grow Along is partnering with corporate and non-profit partners for the event: National Wildlife Federation, Back to the Roots, Bonide, Park Seed, Thriving Design, Centurion and Cool Springs Press, Southern Living® Plant Collection, Encore Azalea and more.

Contact Katie Dubow or visit for more information.

Great Grow Along is a ten-day virtual garden festival, March 11-20, 2022, designed to connect with this sizeable and diverse audience. Lifestyle taste-makers, plant gurus, and cutting-edge designers will offer engaging and accessible garden content to help inexperienced gardeners be successful and fall in love with the hobby. For more information visit