Move Over Ghouls and Goblins, Lily’s in Town to Brighten the Holidays

Move Over Ghouls and Goblins, Lily’s in Town to Brighten the Holidays

Monday, November 1, 2021

The Garden Media Group, representing U.S. Lily growers, has tips to make the holidays season extraordinary. Fall is here in all its pumpkin spice glory. It’s time for warm sweaters and cuddling by the fire. It also marks the beginning of our holiday celebrations. And, Halloween isn’t just for kids anymore.

This year, Thanksgiving will be extra special because we can finally celebrate together with family and friends. Add an arrangement or centerpiece of fresh-cut lilies to create a welcoming atmosphere. Not only will your home feel more luxurious and make guests feel special, flowers also make people happy and more relaxed.

One of the most popular flowers are long-lasting lilies. They add elegance and excitement to any décor. They come in all the warm tones of a fall festival. Best of all, lilies practically arrange themselves in a vase. No artistic skills are necessary. With a little love, lilies last 10 days or longer in a vase. The new double lilies – often called rose lilies –last even longer.

Besides decorating at home, a bouquet of lilies makes a perfect, long-lasting hostess gift. Spice up a store-bought bouquet with special wrapping paper and ribbon or add other flowers to create a thoughtful, personal gift.

Tip for the Longest Lasting Lilies

  •     Buy lilies while most of the flowers are still in bud
  •     Remove the lower leaves that will be underwater (or they will rot and smell)
  •     Mix the packet of flower food with cold water in a clean vase
  •     Give the end of the lily stems a fresh diagonal cut
  •     Lilies are drinkers, keep topping the water in the vase with clean cold water
  •     Remove the stamens with a tissue if you are concerned about pollen stains

Many love the fragrance of lilies and how they perfume a whole room. However, some don’t. In that case, Asiatic lilies are the best choice for people looking for lilies without a strong fragrance and they are widely available, affordable, and long-lasting.

Whichever you choose to use to highlight your celebration, lilies will always be available. Unlike some flowers, lilies are available all year long. Get them, and give them this holiday season. Flowers are the new hugs!

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