ShrubBucket is Leading the Way in Plant Shopping Innovations

ShrubBucket is Leading the Way in Plant Shopping Innovations

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

ShrubBucket has the largest selection, an easy-to-shop website, and hand-delivered service

ShrubBucket was founded in 2015 with the mission to bring a wide selection of top-quality plants to the public with no hassle. Since then, they have grown into the largest consumer distributor of plants to the United States’ Northeast and Midwest regions.

Three key pillars have contributed to their growing success: the largest selection of plant varieties, easy-to-shop convenient website, and white-glove service by trained drivers.

Rick Hedrick, co-founder and chief horticultural officer, says, “Our mission is to provide stress-free shopping, both for people and plants.”

ShrubBucket brings top selections of wholesale nurseries from around the country directly to the customers’ fingertips. With over 6,000 varieties available in the online store, people can sort, filter, and shop for the right plants for their space, removing the limit of choice or by what fits into their car.

The website is easy to use and access. With real-time pictures, customers are ensured of the high-quality plants they are purchasing. With features such as over 100 filters, top 10 lists, and a beautiful digital magazine to inspire design, the ShrubBucket website makes shopping simple and straightforward.

And best of all, plants are delivered directly from the greenhouse to customers’ homes. Unlike other plant delivery services, plants never go through the stress of being boxed, cut off from air and light. The process is more environmentally friendly, with less packaging than traditional shipping processes. They are cared for by trained drivers every step of the way. ShrubBucket strives to alleviate the fear, frustration and anxiety of buying plants online.

“The future of ShrubBucket is extremely bright,” says Heidi Mortenson, co-founder and chief operating officer. “This is not a static business. We have a great team collaborating on many new initiatives that we know our customers will be excited for just as much as we are.”

ShrubBucket leads the trend in online plant selling, taking the industry to the next level, making garden shopping fun and easy for today’s busy, active customers.

ShrubBucket, headquartered in Ithaca, New York, has facilities in Connecticut, New Jersey, and Ohio. Founded in 2015, they are the nation’s largest online seller of plants with thousands of varieties to choose from. They hand-deliver the freshest, full-sized and, finest quality plants from the nation’s best growers to your doorstep. Their unique delivery service ensures plants arrive in prime condition, eliminates the stress that boxed and shipped plants encounter, and reduces the amount of packaging waste that ends up in landfills. They’re so sure of their customers’ success; they guarantee it 100%. For more information, visit