GrowIt! Data Verifies Interest in Gardening Higher than Ever

GrowIt! Data Verifies Interest in Gardening Higher than Ever

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

It’s no surprise interest in gardening and outdoor activities has exploded. And GrowIt!, the community-based app that connects, educates, and inspires people to dig into gardening, has had ten times the activity on the app since February.

GrowIt!’s most recent member survey showed new gardeners increasing rapidly. Of the survey respondents, 31 percent were new gardeners who joined the app within the past 3 months. Of that 31 percent, 77 percent are female and 66 percent are between 20 and 40 years of age. Almost half of all respondents (48 percent) are growing vegetables and fruits this year, following the steps of the World War II Victory Gardens.

“People are immersing themselves more than ever in our online gardening groups and message boards,” says Seth Reed, co-owner of GrowIt! “They’re exchanging ideas, photos and videos and asking basic questions. Our community is very collaborative and non-judgmental.”

GrowIt! continues to improve the app and keep it fresh and exciting for members. Two recent contests aimed at gathering more data resulted in over 1,000 plants given away and over 28,000 data points.

Whether it’s testing new products or crowd-sourcing new features, GrowIt!’s ability to collect and analyze data is a benefit to any corporate member in the app.

The app provides a forum for members to ask questions, get their plants identified, organize projects, and share photos and now videos of their plants. The app’s new video feature inspires even more education, inspiration and community engagement. And while the app defaults to a 75-mile radius of the member’s location, members can expand that to explore plants from all over North America. Users can filter plants by color or attribute, and they can also search for their nearest independent garden center, via their Garden Shop program, to find a great local resource for plants and meet knowledgeable staff.

Stay up to date with GrowIt!’s happenings, contest and giveaways, and app updates on their blog, and be sure to download the app to get involved!

Since 2015, GrowIt! has been changing the way gardeners and plant-lovers alike inspire and connect with one another. The app allows users to share photos and videos of their plants with others, give and receive advice, and help to identify plants.