Costa Farms Turns Brown Thumbs Green with Plants of Steel Collection

Costa Farms Turns Brown Thumbs Green with Plants of Steel Collection

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Living plants transform any home or office into a welcoming space alive with natural beauty. For those who consider their thumbs brown, there’s good news: It doesn’t take superhuman strength to keep all indoor greenery alive.

The Plants of Steel collection from Costa Farms offers homeowners, apartment dwellers and office workers a selection of low-maintenance plants ideal for practically any indoor conditions. This collection boasts five plants that thrive in the low-light and dry-air conditions that leave other plants struggling.

“Here at Costa Farms we know that not everyone has the time to care for houseplants,” says Justin Hancock, Costa Farms’ garden expert. “There’s a perfect plant out there for everyone. We made the Plants of Steel collection to include houseplants perfect for first-time plant owners or folks who are away frequently.”

Superheroes on the Windowsill

Houseplants aren’t just for decoration. They improve indoor air quality one room at a time. Research shows that houseplants filter indoor air, removing up to 87 percent of common indoor pollutants. As part of their breathing processes, these plants also pump oxygen and moisture into the air. Caring for indoor plants can be simple and easy, especially for the ultra-tough Plants of Steel.

Plants of Steel

The five members of the Plants of Steel collection include:
Chinese Evergreen (AKA Aglaonema). This popular houseplant features striking striped leaves. “Chinese evergreen can be left alone for long periods and will be just fine,” notes Hancock. “I like to grow them into groups of three to give a room a tropical rainforest feel.”

Ponytail Palm. “This plant needs minimum attention and can basically be forgotten about,” Hancock says, noting that it toughly suffers through occasional dryness. “It’s an extremely slow-growing plant, and a memorable one,” he adds.

Snake Plant (AKA Sansevieria or Mother-in-Law’s Tongue).Snake plant is extremely low-maintenance. Warm or somewhat cool, a little sun or not, water or no water, it continues to grow without fuss or complaint. This is the go-to plant for frequent travelers and inattentive plant owners.

ZZ Plant (AKA Zamioculcas zamiifolia). ZZ plant excels in low-light conditions, such as malls and dark corners of offices and homes. “This is such a workhorse of a houseplant,” says Hancock. “It can deal with whatever we throw at it, plus it has lovely shiny leaves and a really cool habit.”

Sago Palm. Dreaming of a vacation, but stuck home or at the office? Sago palm is the desktop version of the beachside palm tree. It’s as tolerant of low light and dry conditions just as the other Plants of Steel, and can be a cool gift as well. “It’s a good plant to have fun with,” says Hancock. “Give it to a colleague as a ‘welcome back from vacation’ gift or dress it with ornaments and such for the holidays.”

The Plants of Steel collection from Costa Farms is available at home improvement stores nationwide. For more information on choosing and caring for houseplants, visit

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