OPCOM® Link USA Introduces New Smart, Design-Forward Office and Home Systems at InfoComm 16

OPCOM® Link USA Introduces New Smart, Design-Forward Office and Home Systems at InfoComm 16

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

OPCOM Link USA will unveil a suite of new product lines at InfoComm’16 (Booth# N2710) in Las Vegas that improve efficiency while cutting costs. The PanoDome, Document Camera, LED Lighting Panels & Smart light bulbs with dimmer controls, the GrowBox and GrowWall, are necessities for any modern home, office or classroom.

OPCOM Inc., a Taiwanese conglomerate and global pioneer of camera-based solutions and FDA-approved medical equipment since 1993, is launching a business unit, servicing the United States and Canada. Offering digital security, lighting and easy-to-use wireless medical imaging equipment direct to consumers, Southern California-based OPCOM Link USA will provide smart products that upgrade any work or home setting.

“The modern office isn’t defined by four walls and cubicles anymore,” says Eldon Su, General Manager for OPCOM Link USA. “We allow people to collaborate and communicate as if they are standing face-to-face, even when they are 10,000 miles away. We provide sophisticated, yet easy to use, audio and video products to support growing mobility trends, whether at home, in the conference room, board room or classroom.”

Designed to deliver high-quality and professional conference experiences, the sleek OPCOM PanoDome is the world’s first dual video and speaker conference system. The PanoDome allows for easy capture of live surroundings using a high-resolution 8 mega-pixel enabling 360o panoramic conferencing. Communication through three highly sensitivity omnidirectional microphones and noise-canceling surround sound speakers allows for excellent clarity. The Document Camera, which contains a high resolution 5 mega-pixel camera, allows for the clear and dynamic capture of remote documents.  MSRP $199-399.

“Our PanoDome and Document Camera create clear lines of communication which leads to a better understanding of the subject matter and a more efficient use of time,” explains Su.

OPCOM Link’s Lighting LED Panel and LED Bulb kits are designed specifically for improved, efficient overhead lighting. The Panel’s white lights have an efficiency of 3,500 lumens and last for years even when used 12+ hours per day. The temperature management system maximizes lifespan and enhances efficiency of dimmable LED overhead lighting, cutting costs by up to 60 percent per year. Plus, it features wireless connectivity and remote capabilities. MSRP $179-699.

OPCOM Farm introduces a collection of next generation hydroponic farming systems that merge the ancient skill of farming with new one-touch technology. Anyone can grow organic, healthy herbs, fruits and vegetables or ornamental plants anywhere in the world with the new vertical GrowWall and tabletop GrowBox. These hydroponic growing systems use patented technology to recycle 99 percent of their water and sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, water pH, and more. Cost efficient LED lights and the central control panel save time and energy during the growing process. MSRP $399.

Su explains, “Acting as an indoor forest, the GrowWall and Grow Box are the smartest, easiest ways to provide fresh air and fresh food indoors while also creating attractive living displays in any home, office, school or public venue.”

“We’re ecstatic about the launch of our new design-forward products at InfoComm ‘16,” says Su. “They will help improve remote collaboration experiences, provide people with the healthiest food possible, freshen the air and elevate moods.”

For more information about the OPCOM products, visit the OPCOM website.

OPCOMLink® USA Inc. provides simple and cost-efficient smart home solutions to the US consumer market. Operating as an independent business unit of Taiwan’s OPCOM Group, a global pioneer in digital imaging and lighting solutions since 1993, OPCOMLink will offer all of the products from its OPCOM® Link, OPCOM® Care, OPCOM® PanoDome and OPCOM® Farm product families,  including its mobile apps and secured cloud services. With OPCOM’s worldwide reputation and strong R&D teams, they are committed to develop high-quality smart home and office solutions that help people live simpler, healthier and happier lives now and in the future. For more information about our products and our company’s future direction, please visit www.opcomlink.net and www.opcom.com.


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