Modern Homesteading Open House at Homestead Gardens Offers Glimpse into the Future of Gardening

Modern Homesteading Open House at Homestead Gardens Offers Glimpse into the Future of Gardening

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Sunlight Supply’s new certified dealer program brings year-round gardening to IGCs

Most gardeners have the same wish — to keep growing their favorite plants all year long. Wish granted with indoor gardening systems found in the new Modern Homesteading.

On Friday, August 5 from 10AM – 3PM, Brian Riddle, owner of Homestead Gardens, invites his industry peers to an open house at their Davidsonville location. A quick two-hour drive south from the IGC East show, this must-attend event will tour Modern Homesteading and show how indoor gardening supplies help IGCs connect with new customers and boost traffic.

By implementing the products and education components of Modern Homesteading, independent garden centers will be fast-tracked into the exploding indoor gardening market. Through Modern Homesteading, garden centers can attract a new customer — the year-round gardener.

Brent Jackson, director of global sales & business development at Sunlight Supply, the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of year-round gardening supplies, wants to help IGCs meet the growing public interest in year-round gardening.

“When you garden indoors, you’re not limited by the seasons,” Jackson explains. “With all the environmental challenges facing gardeners today, it’s important to know we aren’t limited to the outdoors. It’s a matter of practicality and it’s a prime opportunity for distributors.”

Jackson adds that Sunlight Supply employees will be present to answer questions about the process of incorporating Modern Homesteading into a garden center.

Market growth and consumer interest make hydroponic gardening one of the fastest-growing opportunities for pioneering IGCs. Through Modern Homesteading, the year-round gardener becomes the year-round customer.

Indoor gardening is a fast-growing trend. The hydroponic industry grew at a 5.3 percent annually from 2011 to 2016, according to IBISWorld. Demand from health-conscious gardeners is expected to push the market forward at least 5 percent per year, with a revenue increase of 1.6 percent to $847.8 million in 2016 alone.


About Modern Homesteading

Riddle saw Modern Homesteading’s potential right from the beginning. The concept allowed him to attract new customers, increase store traffic and capitalize on the growing interest in hydroponics. His vision prompted him to designate and renovate a space within Homestead Gardens where customers would receive expert advice from a certified indoor gardener.

“Homestead is constantly looking for new ways to meet our customers’ needs,” Riddle says. “We’re always interested in drawing more traffic to the store and brainstorming new ways to establish ourselves as a year-round resource. It’s been a very successful business concept.”

Indoor gardening expert Adrian Turner, graduate of Oaksterdam University, was brought on to host weekly indoor growing classes for gardeners of all skill levels.

“Modern Homesteading helps gardeners reach new horizons,” Riddle says. “We want people to learn something new and have fun with it. Modern Homesteading is the place for that.”

For more information and to learn how to open your own Modern Homesteading, visit the open house on Friday, August 5 from 10AM – 3PM.

Founded in 1995, Vancouver, WA based Sunlight Supply, Inc. is the largest wholesale distributor and manufacturer of indoor gardening products. From hydroponic food production, greenhouse gardening and commercial indoor growing to small space gardening solutions, Sunlight Supply is leading the way in innovation, inspiration and supplies. Their extensive catalog features more than 5,000 horticultural, organic, hydroponic, aquaponic and horticultural lighting supplies.  Products are available through online retailers and at your local garden center. For detailed product information and the dealer nearest you visit


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