Vita Gardens Expands Keyhole Garden Collection with Compact Designs

Vita Gardens Expands Keyhole Garden Collection with Compact Designs

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Vita Gardens is on a mission to help gardeners from North America to Africa grow organic, healthy food in less space with less water. This spring, the company expands its line of Keyhole Gardens with four new portable versions.

Originally developed in Africa as a way to grow food in extreme heat and drought conditions, the keyhole gardening technique works by creating a space for both composting and growing in one raised garden bed. Keyhole gardens use up to 70 percent less water than a typical raised bed and produce more vegetables in a shorter amount of time.

Available for pre-order online, the new line expands on the popular Classic 6x6 African Keyhole Garden Bed by offering the same keyhole garden technology in a variety of sizes and styles. The Classic 4x4, 3x5 and Urban keyhole garden beds provide the same benefits of the traditional bed in compact, portable designs. The minimalist Urban garden comes in a sleek, wood finish with a 10- year warranty while the other options are backed by 20-year warranty.

Eddie DeJong, Vita Gardens’ head of business development and design, says the expanded collection meets the needs of gardeners who are looking to utilize small spaces.  

“The new Keyhole Gardens fit in smaller garden spaces allowing gardeners to grow more food efficiently in a tighter space,” says DeJong. “We want to inspire people by giving them options to grow healthy, organic vegetables, fruit and herbs whether they live on a small plot of land in the city or on several acres in the suburbs.”

Each raised garden bed converts garden and kitchen waste into nutritious soil thus reducing household waste. Gardeners can start growing plants in their keyhole gardens after they load the bed with brown and green composting materials and a layer of soil or compost. After only a few months the twigs, sticks, cardboard and grass clippings turn into a large container of nutrient rich soil that can be reused or transferred to other parts of the garden.

Not only is the African Keyhole Garden drought tolerant, but it is also raised, reducing the need for bending and stooping.

Vita’s new products range from $199 - $399 and can be pre-ordered now at The original 6x6 design can currently be purchased at Costco stores.

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Vita is a design-forward, lifestyle and portable gardening brand that helps gardeners save time, money and water while growing greater natural yields. Vita’s signature product, the African Keyhole Garden, was introduced this year. Built around an ingenious gardening technique perfected in Africa, the Keyhole Garden is a combination raised bed and composting system.