Love isn’t fleeting, so Give Everlasting Gifts this Valentine’s Day

Love isn’t fleeting, so Give Everlasting Gifts this Valentine’s Day

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Say “I Love You” with unique gift ideas from the garden gurus at Garden Media Group

Anyone can give chocolate on Valentine's Day. But if you love a gardener or someone who appreciates a "greener" gift, think outside the chocolate box with gifts that say "I love you" long after the day is over. Something every Valentine wants to hear. Here are 12 ideas to take it to the next level:

1.    Mother Nature Says I <3 You

The hoya heart ($24.50) is perfect for your plant parent-loving valentines. Even beginners will be successful with this easy-to-grow plant. It comes in a charming, white ceramic pot adorned with a "Love Balloon," perfect for home or the office. Let your loved ones know your love grows every day.

2.    For Red Rose Lovers

Forget long stems; the roses on Petite Knock Out® ($34.75 or local retailers), the first-ever miniature Knock Out® Rose will last for years. With the same flower power and easy care as others in The Knock Out® Family, Petite comes in an adorable, compact size with smaller blooms.

3.    For the Girl That Buys Herself Flowers

The new OASIS® Forage Create kit ($39.99) is perfect for your creative Valentine or Galentine. Help her explore her artistic flair, elevate indoor arrangements, and bring her vision to life. This kit provides all the essentials for assembling a captivating design of foraged materials. Add a botanical forage messenger bag ($19.99) for carrying her tools and found materials.

4.    Love Blooms

Appropriately named Allura ($29.99), this lipstick-red anthurium bears heart-shaped flowers. Mother Nature is romantic, isn't she? Potted in a decorative heart pot, the flowers last for weeks and brighten any spot in the house. Move to a shady spot outdoors when the weather warms.

5.    Spread Love Like Wildflowers

For nature enthusiasts and pollinator lovers, give wildflowers and watch love flutter from bloom to bloom. Our favorite varieties attract butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds: Monarch Butterfly Wildflower Mix ($6.95), Hummingbird Wildflower Mix ($6.95), and Bee Buddies Mix ($7.95).

6.    Blooms of Love all Season Long

Just one look, and you'll be head over heels for the new Mysterious Floribunda Rose ($49.95), perfect for containers. Its continuous blooming from late spring to fall, with deep red petals framed by a cream-colored center, offers a tribute to enduring passion. The mild fragrance adds a subtle charm, and the blooms, perfect for cutting, add a little mystery to your love life with one snip.

7.    A Pop of Forever Love

Unlike anything you've ever seen, Rosepops™ Fourget Me Not ($84.95) makes your Valentine feel unique. Meticulously selected at the peak of their beauty, these roses are naturally preserved for lasting elegance. Each of the four pristine roses has been organically treated to stay "alive," robust, and maintenance-free for a year plus. The flowers never fade, like your love. Gift the magic.

8.    Flower Bulbs Make You Bloom!

Give potted flower bulbs (prices vary) to your loved ones. Choose one with plenty of unopened buds so they'll bloom for weeks. After they've finished blooming, keep watering until the foliage dies back. Plant them in a sunny spot as soon as the weather warms, and they'll bloom again next spring. To learn more, check out

9.    A Berry Sweet Valentine’s Day!

Express your love with a touch of Southern charm and a burst of flavor with DownHome Harvest® Bless Your Heart® Blueberry rabbiteye blueberry shrub (from $19.99). This gift is more than sweet; with bell-like blooms in spring and berries in the summer, it's a grow-your-own dessert!

10.    A Petite Treat for Your Sweetheart!

DownHome Harvest®' Little Miss Figgy' Fig (from $36.99) is the gift that keeps giving. Healthy, sweet figs are adored for their fabulous flavor, but did you know they're historically known as aphrodisiacs? 'Little Miss Figgy' is a petite variety, perfect for containers or tight spaces. Its bountiful harvest pairs on date night with soft cheese and honey. Your sweetheart will enjoy the plant year-round.

11.    Light a Fire in Their Heart with Autumn Fire!

Love blooms season after season, just like the flame-hued flowers of Autumn Fire® Encore® Azalea (from $21.99). Featuring deep red semi-double blooms from spring until fall against stunning dark evergreen foliage, this easy-care shrub will continue its profusion of flowers without the need for deadheading, so your sweetheart can relax and enjoy.

12.    For the Love Birds!
This Valentine's Day, invite feathered friends to your yard with Centurion's 3-in-1 bird feeder. This iron feeder is easy to mount and durable, with detachable tubes for simple cleaning and refilling. It's clear tube and metal grid make refilling easy, while four feeding ports welcome multiple birds at once. A perfect gift for bird lovers this season! ($19.99)

Check out the links above or local retailers for these sweet ideas that take Valentine's Day to the next level. High-res images can be found here. Please contact us for more info.

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