Embrace the New Year with Industry Innovations at MANTS 2024

Embrace the New Year with Industry Innovations at MANTS 2024

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Garden Media Group spotlights innovative clients at the year’s inaugural trade event

As the calendar flips to a new year, the horticulture world eagerly anticipates the Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show (MANTS) at the Baltimore Convention Center on Jan 10-12, 2024. MANTS is the essential gathering spot for growers, buyers, media, and industry professionals to unveil and discover cutting-edge trends and products in the green industry.

Garden Media Group, a leader in the green industry communications, is excited to unveil four must-see booths at MANTS this year.

Put the Power in Planting

Introducing Jenny’s Edition 5”x32” Auger– the perfect landscape tool for planting bedding plants to gallon pots. Jenny from Creekside Nursery's edition features a longer shaft with 6" of flighting for the same strength and durability as our original quart pot landscaping auger, with less bending. The heavy-duty tip makes it manageable to drill down in hard clay and rocky soil. This high-performance auger offers unmatched strength and durability so that you can plant from 5-inch up to gallon potted plants swiftly and effectively. This auger will fit seamlessly with ½-inch drills.

For more information, visit booth 3109. www.powerplanter.com

Stop and Smell the *New* Flowers

Meet the newest additions to The Knock Out® Family of Roses! Easy Bee-zy™ Knock Out® delivers flower power like no other with fragrant yellow flowers that bloom repeatedly from spring to frost. Performs best in Zones 4-11. And Orange Glow™ Knock Out® which delivers a bounty of luminous orange flowers that bloom repeatedly from spring to frost. Performs best in Zones 5-11. Plant individually, in a group, or mixed with other perennials, shrubs, or roses. Another new addition, Sweet Starlight™ hydrangea, features bright white flower panicles that age beautifully from light to dark antique pink. Sweet Starlight’s strong stems keep the gorgeous blooms from flopping open, and the compact size will fit easily under windows for classically beautiful landscaping. Grows best in zones 4-8.

For more information, visit booth 228.

Foraged Flowers

Gardeners, nature lovers, and home-décor enthusiasts are converging on foraging as a satisfying way to bring their bounty indoors. Flower foraging continues to grow, and enthusiasts are gaining confidence with the help of new OASIS® Forage Products™. Their new Forage Create Kit provides inspiration, tools, and materials for successful foraged floral design. This increased creativity leads to more substantial sales and customer satisfaction. Each kit contains a 4” natural colored pot, bind wire, three OASIS® Forage Foam bricks, mossing pins, and Ippon Scissors.

For more information, visit booth 1908.

Prize-Worthy Plants

PDSI will be showcasing a record number of award-winning plants among its new consumer releases, including the standout Blackjack™ Agapanthus. Named 2023 Plant of the Year at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and 2024 National Garden Bureau Green Thumb Award winner, Blackjack represents a unique color innovation with jet-black buds that mature to saturated dark purple flowers. This variety is resilient to drought, blooms early, and thrives in Zones 8b-11. Offering a semi-dwarf form, Blackjack reaches 14-20” tall by 14-16” wide when mature. Available through Southern Living® Plant Collection and Sunset® Plant Collection.

For more information, visit booths 33 and 36.

Garden Media will be available throughout the trade show to offer insights into the latest trends and answer any questions about their clients’ innovative products. High-res images may be downloaded here. For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Katie Dubow at katie@gardenmediagroup.com or 610-444-3040.

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