Father’s Day Gifts for the Nature-Loving Dad

Father’s Day Gifts for the Nature-Loving Dad

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Garden Media Group Shares Eight Fool-proof Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Looking for a unique and meaningful way to celebrate Dad this year? Consider giving that special man in your life a gift that keeps on giving: something green and sustainable! Whether it's your dad, husband, father-in-law, or any other important figure, this gift guide takes the guesswork out of choosing the perfect gift.

Celebrate Him with These Garden Gift Ideas:

Put the Power in Planting. Make his life easier with Power Planter’s Auger Starter Pack. This kit includes two garden auger drill bits that turn his favorite electric or cordless drill into a powered soil digger: plant bulbs, seeds, plugs, and annuals with ease. Hand-welded and proudly made in the U.S.A., Power Planter products are guaranteed to last! Learn more here: powerplanter.com.

  • $43.50
  • Affiliates available

Super-Dad Tools. Upgrade Dad’s tools with Centurion Brands’ heavy-duty three-piece Lopper, Hedge Shear & Pruner Combo Set for all his outdoor garden and landscaping jobs. This ergonomic set is ideal for trimming those hard-to-reach tree branches, shrubs, and roses. Each tool features non-slip grip handles to help reduce strain on wrists and arms. Give him the perfect tools for any job! For info on these and other tools, visit CenturionBrands.com.

Plant with Purpose. Make a difference this Father's Day with the Garden for Wildlife™ Native Plant Collections. This pioneering movement is transforming the way we approach gardening to benefit wildlife and communities. The collections feature carefully curated combinations of perennial keystone plants that support pollinators in specific ecoregions. By taking the guesswork out of what to plant for wildlife, this initiative makes it easy and effortless for dads to have a positive impact on the planet. Learn more at gardenforwildlife.org.

  • $68-$118
  • Affiliates available

Plant an Outdoor Room. Today’s yards are an extension of the home. As a result, outdoor rooms have become popular than ever.  Whether he’s screening a pool, framing a grill and outdoor cooking space, or creating a play space for the family, stately screening shrubs like Golden Oakland® Holly and Mood Ring® Podocarpus help dad “construct” an outdoor room that wows. These two varieties share a low-maintenance, upright habit as well as an unexpected twist: multi-hued foliage. Mood Ring is adorned with bronze-pink new growth, while Golden Oakland dazzles with variegated oak-shaped leaves in hues of gold and spring-like green.

  • $19.98-46.98
  • Affiliates available

Grow Differently. Like Dad. Innovative, self-contained gardens make the perfect present for any dad who loves to garden, but doesn't have the time or space for a traditional outdoor garden. With a variety of sizes and plant options to choose from, MyPopupGarden allows dads to cultivate fresh herbs, vegetables, and flowers right in their own homes. Plus, our easy-to-use system makes gardening a breeze, even for those with limited experience.

  • $99-$149

Plants Dad Will Dig:  The Juniper Bonsai Tree is a favorite among dads for the intricate care and horticultural technique needed to grow a miniature tree. It is an ancient art form almost 1,000 years old that originated in China. It makes a unique gift for dads who want a relaxing new hobby through creative shaping and care. Another favorite is the Dad's Money Tree. Money trees are said to bring good luck and fortune to their owners and who couldn't use more of that? With the personalized, reclaimed wood, box planter this exceptional houseplant is perfect for Father's Day. For more information visit, JacksonandPerkins.com

  • $64.95-$79.95
  • Affiliates available

For the Chef. We all know fresh herbs and vegetables make all the difference, and you can't get any fresher than homegrown. Seed collections are a great gift for dads who love to grow their own to make their cuisine extra special. The Ultimate Park Seed Veggie Pizza Garden Seed Collection has everything you need to deliciously sauce and flavor homemade pizza and other Mediterranean treats. And for the right tools to grow the delicious veggies, gift the tomato cages an pepper supports to help dad to be a success in his garden. For more information, visit ParkSeed.com

  • $19.95-$59.95
  • Affiliates available

Floating Planters for Dad’s with Style. Is dad out of more space for plants? Give him the ability to grow UP with Railscape planters from PlantTraps. These innovative planters clip securely onto railings and fences, providing a sturdy and stylish solution for adding greenery to any balcony, deck or porch. Made from durable and weather-resistant materials, Railscape planters are available in black and white, allowing you to customize the perfect gift for dad’s unique taste and space.

So, whether your Father’s Day gift recipient is a Super-Dad or Super-Chef kind of guy (or maybe both), get him a gift that will make others green with envy.

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