Cultivate a Moon Garden with Luminous White Blooms

Cultivate a Moon Garden with Luminous White Blooms

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Garden Media Group curates list for top outdoor living trend of 2023

Have you noticed how everything looks enchanted in the moonlight? Starry nights, sparkling illuminations, and dancing silhouettes seem to make landscapes come to life. Moon gardens are hotter than they’ve ever been in 2023, harnessing the beauty of the night sky with an array of ivory foliage. 

Garden Media’s 2023 Garden Trends Report identifies moon gardens as one of the year’s top outdoor living trends, citing skyrocketing Google searches and the crossover popularity of moon and herb-focused gardening on TikTok’s “WitchTok,” a popular search term which has garnered over 19.8 billion views to date.

There have never been more options for homeowners looking to plant a moon garden. White blooms, in particular, accentuate the dew drops, spider webs, and fireflies that glow in the dark of the night. Silvery foliage and tranquil pale flowers can reflect the moonbeams and entice the mysterious pollinators of the night, like the elusive Luna moth.

Are you looking to create your own moon garden? First, observe which areas in your landscape naturally radiate in the darkness when struck by moonbeams. After finding the perfect setting, refer back to this curated list of plants with blooms destined to gleam in the twilight, as their nocturnal names imply. White flowers are the last ones visible to the human eye at sunset, extending the garden’s beauty into the early evening. So “glow” on – take a peek!

Star® Roses & Plants White Dawn is a rambling rose bush covered in sweetly scented gardenia-like blooms. Ideal for an arbor, trellis, or fence near a cozy seating area where the fragrance can be savored. White Dawn will thrive in Zones 5 – 10.

The light evergreen foliage of Autumn Moonlight® Encore Azalea is the perfect backdrop to frame an area in your moon garden. Flushes of delicate, ruffled blooms will grace the garden throughout spring and summer in Zones 7 – 10.

Dianthus Star Single™ Stargazer will add some enigma to the darkness with its strong clove aroma and lovely white blooms with pinked petal edges. Ideal as a border or in mass plantings for Zones 5 – 9.

Dazzling white conical blooms will dance in the night breeze on Moon Dance® Hydrangea. A splendid accent plant with picture-perfect cut flowers ready to shine in Zones 4 – 9.

No moon garden would be complete without the delicate night blooms of a Moonflower plant vine. Plant this vine near a trellis or porch railing where it can playfully climb and release its sweet, musky scent. Moonflower is an annual in cold-winter zones.

Romantica® Moonlight Rose will glow in the darkness with light yellow fragrant blooms that are suffused with white. Perfect for Zones 5 – 9.

Put the final touch on your moon garden with hardscaping that will illuminate in the night like white rocks, reflective gazing balls, or stone statues. Consider adding a bench or chair inside or nearby your new garden sanctuary so you can be easily captivated by the alluring sights and scents of the twilight.

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