Love isn’t fleeting, so Give Everlasting Gifts this Valentine’s Day

Love isn’t fleeting, so Give Everlasting Gifts this Valentine’s Day

Monday, February 3, 2020

Anyone can give roses on Valentine's Day. But if you have a garden- lover or someone who would appreciate a “greener” gift, think outside the flower box with gifts that will say "I love you" long after February 14th is over. A message every Valentine wants to hear.

“Some people love roses and candy for Valentine’s Day, but personally I would love a gift that keeps on giving,” says Katie Dubow, president of Garden Media Group. “If you gave roses last year, and the year before, it might be time to try something new.”

Here are a few ideas to shake things up this V-Day and gift a long-lasting “I love you”:


Flower Bulbs Make You Bloom!

Still want to give flowers this Valentine’s Day? Potted flower bulbs are the answer. Choose one with plenty of unopened buds so they’ll bloom for a few weeks.

After they’ve finished blooming keep watering them until the foliage dies back. As soon as the garden soil is frost-free, plant them in a sunny spot and they’ll bloom again next spring.

To learn more about bulbs check out And, get ready to plant summer flowering bulbs. They’ll make your garden come alive!


Kick-it-Up Anthurium

Appropriately named Allura, this hot anthurium bears Valentine’s Day-shaped red flowers and leaves. Mother Nature is such a romantic, isn’t she? The flowers feature standing-at-attention yellow centers, like little exclamation points and last for weeks! Also called flamingo flower, this little number adds colorful allure anywhere you place it.

Potted in a decorative pot, this anthurium brightens any spot in the house and can be moved to a shaded spot outdoors in warm weather. Love continues year-round with its display of beautiful blossoms.

Get your own anthurium here.


Memorable Experiences

People love to experience new things and visit new places. This holiday plan a trip for your valentine to a location where they can be surrounded by beautiful flowers and long-lasting memories. Check your local listing for public gardens and plan a day trip with your sweetheart.


Smart Pots for Lovely Plants

Give your smart gardener eco-friendly Smart Pots for Valentine’s Day. Fill them up with potted bulbs and early spring annuals like pansies to decorate you entrance.  Smart Pots are a sustainable choice. They improve aeration and drainage. Plus, these bags are incredibly durable and can be washed and reused over and over.


The Ultimate Valentines Gift – A Hoya Heart

This hoya heart is perfect for all of your plant-loving valentines. Even beginner plant parents will be successful with this easy to grow plant. It comes in a charming, white ceramic pot adorned with a “Love Balloon” perfect for home or office. Costa Farms plants will fill your home with life.  Let your loved ones know your love grows every day!

Check out the links above or your local retail center for these sweet ideas that will take Valentine’s Day gifts to the next level.


Happy Valentine’s Day from the garden gurus at Garden Media!

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