Garden Media's 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Garden Media's 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Thursday, October 31, 2019


Matching gifts with people can be lots of fun. This year, Garden Media Group has your back and a dependable shopping list to match. Take care of everyone’s gift-shopping needs with these high quality, easy-to-use, or easy-to-grow products. “Cross a few people off your list,” says creative director of Garden Media, Katie Dubow, “with gifts that encourage outdoor activity and inspire time spent in nature.”

Here is a curated a list of sustainable, useful, and thoughtful gifts:

Cultivate New Plant Parents

Add houseplants to complement any décor. They instantly liven up a space and spread joy. They’re the finishing touch! Plus, their lively blooms and colors are the definition of holiday cheer! Stock up on indoor plants that are perfect for sharing with new plant parents, as hostess gifts and for yourself!


Garden Strong and Confident

Centurion knows tools. Whether gifting these tools to a new gardener or giving them to a master gardener, Centurion tools are up for any task. The Centurion Garden and Outdoor Living Cutting Set ($30), a handy cutting tools set, includes a lopper, pruner, and hedge shears. Your loved one will be able to tackle any garden cutting project.


Be Berry Delightful

Delicious, nutritious, and stunning to look at, Bushel and Berry’s raspberries, blackberries, or blueberries provide fresh berries at your fingertips. They are a source of education for kids and a nutritious snack all in one. These berry bushes are suited for everyone, kids and adults, starter or expert. With nine varieties available, you will be spoiled for choice.


Perfect for Small Spaces

The new collapsible watering can and collapsible bucket were created with storage and mobility in mind. Their heavy duty non-porous silicone offers superior strength. The foldable and detachable parts make them easy to use in any space. Whether you are working with a small container garden or a large backyard operation, these tools work with every kind of project and space.