Create a Supernatural Halloween this Season with Spooky Plants from Costa Farms

Create a Supernatural Halloween this Season with Spooky Plants from Costa Farms

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Add a supernatural touch to your Halloween festivities. Decorate this season with spooky indoor plants that have creepy names, devilish shapes and weird colors.

While everything else this season goes bump in the night, these ‘living decorations’ add a fun, eerie twist to traditional Halloween décor.

These spooky plants all have great names and fun stories that give children, party guests and trick-or- treaters something fun to talk about. Plus, they are easy to grow year-round.

Devil’s Backbone (Pedilanthus)

Devil’s Backbone earned its hair-raising name because of the interesting pattern of the leaves. As the stems grow, the leaves form a zigzag pattern that looks like a spine. It’s an extremely easy-to-grow houseplant that works double duty to purify the indoor air of toxins. Devil’s backbone holds up in dry conditions and in low light. Use this devilish plant in a creepy tablescape, hang ghosts and goblins from it and use it as a houseplant or plant it outside as a perennial in frost-free climates.

Spider Plant (Chlorophytum)

Like its namesake, spider plant is known to creep. The spider legs, or plantlets, trail down this easy-to-grow plant and form little “babies” at the ends. Place it in a hanging basket and decorate with a synthetic web filled with spiders (fake, of course). Make the plant look even more sinister by placing it in a creepy container on mantles, windowsills and tabletops. Although it thrives in bright light, spider plants will also tolerate low-light, too, so it will grow anywhere.

African Mask (Alocasia)

The dark, shield-shaped foliage of an African Mask is an eerie addition to any Halloween table. Also called Alocasia Poly, this plant has haunting white veins that run throughout its giant leaves. This plant is perfect for brightly lit, high-humidity areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Rope Plant (Hoya)

Rope plant, also known as Hoya carnosa, is a winding houseplant with exotic flair. The shadows made from these vines create a spell-binding look after the sun goes down. Flowers from the rope plant last up to a month.

Earth Star (Cryptanthus)

Oddly marked leaves and a star-like spread make this plant the perfect out-of-this-world decoration. A low-water succulent, earth star is a cinch to grow in bright light.

With these tips it’s easy to liven up your Halloween décor this year with fun houseplants. Miniature varieties of many spooky plants are available and would make great treats. For more information, visit