Smart Pots

Oklahoma City, OK

Smart Pots leads the way in assuring the gardening community of a clean container in which to grow

– no BPA, lead or greater than trace levels of copper or other heavy metals. When a plant’s roots thrive, they uptake what’s in the surrounding soil, and a growing container is very much a part of that environment. Creating the healthiest gardening environment is paramount to Smart Pot growers. Every Smart Pot is made here in Oklahoma City, hand inspected for quality.

Smart Pots continues to make improvements and innovations, most recently introducing a rectangle shaped Smart Pot Raised Bed and Smart Pot Pond Pots for aquatic growers. The company has received numerous industry awards, including six Silver Bars for “Best Cultivation Product” from Spannabis, the Retailer’s Choice award from both the Southern Nursery Association and the Pro Green Expo, the Best New Product from the Tropical Plant Industry Exposition and others. Smart Pots is most proud of our customers and the millions of plants – trees, shrubs, tomatoes, garlic, kale and everything else under the sun that were grown better in a Smart Pot

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